There was a time, when Ender Knights ruled the land and their Dragons soared the skies. The Nether clashed in battles of unimaginable force. The undead were a menacing threat to be feared and even the Ardoni clans wielded great "Songs" of power. That time is over...”
„I believe that time is coming again.
Sulliman and Thalleous Sendaris.

Songs of War is a canceled fantasy Minecraft animation series directed by David R.B. of Black Plasma Studios. It is set in the aftermath of an event that occurred in the world of Ardonia, the Great War.

Production timeline


The idea for something like Songs of War began to circulate around Black Plasma Studios in 2011, but they could not decide on a game to utilize until 2015.


David says work began in late 2015, when he first began making Minecraft animations. He streamed the creation of the world in WorldPainter on his personal channel in December of 2015. Building presumably began straight after this, and writing and skin/weapon design possibly also began in 2015.


A lot of the set design on the world was done in 2016 by the SoW build team, and was later showcased in a video on 9th October.


Progress on SoW continued alongside David's other animations.


Production continued as normal and the script and world were mostly completed, so animation began.


David started recruiting other animators to help with some scenes in January, upon realising that animating all of it himself would take too long.

On 4th August, the first reveal trailer was released, showing Tygren Voltaris, a Song, The End, a dragon egg and redesigned undead as cryptic hints for the plot. This trailer was likely only made for the 3 million subscriber special.

On 16th November, the second trailer was released, showing the plot in much more detail and featuring dialogue from several characters.

On 23rd November, Episode 1 was officially released, with the Behind-the-Scenes video following soon after.


A mid-season break took place between Episodes 5 and 6, to transition from releasing episodes every 2 weeks to every week.

The final episode of Season 1 was released on March 28, followed by the full movie on April 11.

It is now officially canceled on June 14.

The unedited S2/S3 Script is still officially available, along with the unedited S1 Script.

Since then, an age dubbed "The Succession" began where many artists from the Songs of War community formed their own teams to animate where Black Plasma Studios left off.

Behind the Scenes

Historical Events that occurred in Ardonia

The Eleventh Walls of Time

The Fourteenth Walls of Time

Notable Groups and Communities


See Character list for information.

Realms (Dimensions)


Overworld Inhabitants


Nether Inhabitants


End Inhabitants










Ardoni provinces



  • Several characters and locations were already used in previous BPS animations as easter eggs for SOW. Those include the following:
    • Herobrine (mentioned as "he") appears in multiple animations, either as an antagonist or a supporting character.
    • An Ender Knight was featured in Nitrox's Book of Enchantments animation as the main antagonist.
    • The Necromancers were first featured as the secondary antagonists of Skywars: Mega.
    • The animation The Last Gift was made on SOW map. The boy from the animation also makes a cameo in SOW.
    • The Ender Dragons appeared in Skywars, 20 Ways to Die in Skywars and The Book of Enchantments.
    • The leader of the Necromancers, Necrolord, appeared as Dreadlord in Bed Wars and the Animation Life trilogy. The only difference is that Dreadlord's purple cloak was recolored black.
    • Grim bears a strong resemblance to Entity303, an antagonist from Mystery Warfare and the Animation Life trilogy. Grim also carries the same scythe; however, Grim's is enchanted.
    • Jalkar Bowmani uses the same blade as the Werewolf in Animation Life.
    • Derp was briefly transformed into a Song or a Prime Song in Giant Derp.
    • The Songs were briefly shown in Animation Life 3, while Derp was scrolling through different blender assets and models.
    • The Angel of Death first appeared as a member of Herobrine's gang in the Animation Life trilogy.
    • Nikas swords first appeared in animation life as Alex's swords
    • The Songs of War development map was briefly shown when David was logging onto Hypixel in Animation Life 1.


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